birth name Kevin Dexter Shaw actually known as Kev, Kevin, Dinosaur birth date + age 02/15/82, 33 birthplace huntington beach, ca current residence New York, New York (Hells Kitchen) occupation realtor relationship status married family MAXIMILIAN THEODORE COOPER; MAX (FRENCH BULLDOG)
The second of four children of Frank and Amanda Shaw, Kevin comes from a long line of men who serve both their country and community. In 2005 his older brother, Taylor was killed overseas, leaving a gap in the family tree. After the loss of his brother, Kevin knew he had to pick up the slack and make sure his family could survive. The only way he knew that they would be able to move beyond the loss of a family member, would be if Kevin stepped up and in the footsteps of his beloved older brother. While he was unable to work up the courage to fight for his country he was able to make the decision to serve his community. His father was a retired police officer himself, having served as captain of the police force for nearly fifteen years. While it could easily be seen as a cop out decision, Kevin went ahead and joined the force his father was the head of, making the new work environment both easy and difficult at the same time. His father made sure the fellow officers were aware Kevin was his son, but also made sure they knew to not give him any special treatment, but to make it as difficult for him as possible, he wanted to toughen his son up as best he could.

Though over the years Kevin had many moments where he considered quitting the force, seeing the look of pride on his parents face at every holiday or when they would introduce him to a friend, well that was something he was not yet prepared to give up. For most of his life he was the screw up of the family, he got into drinking at a young age, had a few minor scrapes with his principal in school and just barely graduated college without dying of alcohol poisoning. When he graduated from high school he had no idea what to d0 or where to go, so he moved into his parents basement, worked a handful of dead end jobs and listened to them praise about the good son who was making a difference in the world. While it is a terrible shame it took the loss of his brothers life for him to get his life together, Kevin is actually proud of himself and happy that he is able to bring some good back to this world.

Throughout his life, Kevin was made to feel as if he was the biggest screw up in the family, yet in all reality that is not true. Unlike his older sister, he did not have a child and leave him on the doorstep of his big brother. His sister was going through a difficult time, she became pregnant by a man she hardly knew who fled the second he found out of her situation. She tried as best as she could for the first few months to be a decent mother, but she knew she would fail. The fact that she named her son after Kevin's middle name should have been enough of a sign of what was to come, he should have expected her to up and leave but he gave her the benefit of the doubt. He was left dissappointed though when only a few months old, his sister showed up at his door with her baby boy, Dexter in her arms and begged him to look after him. Unable to say no, knowing if he did there is no telling what she would do, he took in her son. She promised it would be just for a night or two and she would be back, she claimed she just needed a good nights sleep. He pretended to believe her and played along, but from the seocnd that door was closed, he would not see her for almost another year.

The year he had Dexter in his custody was the best year of his life. He had everything he could ever want, he even met a beautiful woman at work whom he would go on to marry. However, as expected his sister did show back up at his door and demand her son back. Kevin did not think she was fit for the task of motherhood, and turned to his parents for help in the situation. They sided with his sister, telling him he was being selfish for not giving the child over the second he saw her. Despite his parents disgust for his next step, he was thinking of the well being of the child, and called a lawyer. His lawyer did everything she could, but eventually the court sided with the mother, as they are known to do and he lost custody. It was world shattering for him, losing the child he had come to think of as his own, and this spun him into a bit of a depression. Following the loss of his nephew, his work began to suffer and after a rather traumatizing incident on the job, he decided this was not the career path for him after all. His family had already begun to lose what little respect they had for him, but now it was all gone when he announced he was quitting the force. So began the undoing of Kevin Dexter Shaw. His wife began to see a side of him he never wished she would see, he became moody and distant, he sunk into a depression so deep that it became a strain on their relationship and eventually the couple parted ways.

Despite having agreeded to seperate, when the divorce papers were delivered, Kevin refused to sign them. He knew he had messed up but he was not ready to let her go. By the time she arrived with the papers, he had already been in therapy for several months, he was already working on starting a new life for himself, and he had even found a new career path. He had taken several courses in real estate, gone through all the proper channels and training, and eventually became a real estate agent. He found a job that was not only safe, but fun for him, he wanted to make people happy and getitng people and families into their dream home seemed the perfect fit. He was a new man, he was happy, and he wanted his wife back. The couple decided to give it another go, but this time they needed a fresh start, they were surrounded by memories of their failed first attempt so a change of everything seemed ideal. They decided a move across country to New York would be the place. Since the move they have both found new jobs, dogs in tact, a beautiful apartment, and they are happier then ever. Their first marriage having been a quickie wedding in Vegas, the couple is currently planning an actual wedding, a real one to go with their fresh start...finally, they are happy again.

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